Recruitment at an executive level is a professional service. Our success is based on our understanding of both our client’s needs and our candidate’s aspirations. We unite these two sides in an uncomplicated, ethical and transparent manner.

We have a deep understanding of the gaming and integrated resort sector, keeping a close eye on industry trends and corporate developments.

Our point of difference is our regional approach. We services clients and candidates throughout Asia Pacific and are not limited in our search by national boundaries, having completed Asia Pacific wide, as well as, global searches.

We recognize talent. We ask the right questions. We represent fairly and honestly.

We have long standing client and candidate relationships. Our repeat business is high from our clients, and our known candidates continually refer new ones.  

This is testimony to our expertise.

Gaming: C-suite roles, Strategy & Analytics, International VIP Marketing, Mass & Property Marketing, Casino Marketing, Casino Finance & Cage, Audit and Compliance, Table and Slot Gaming Operations, Surveillance & Security

Hospitality: Executive hoteliers, F and B Management, Marketing and Sales, Operations

Entertainment: Entertainment Directors, Production, Event Management, Promotions


executive search track record

Our Track Record

The following are a few examples of the assignments we have worked on over the recent past:

Selection of recent Gaming assignments:

  • Executive General Manager International Business, Australia
  • COO, Philippines
  • Executive Director of Casino Marketing, Singapore
  • GM of Casino Finance, Singapore
  • General Manager of Gaming Products and Strategy, Australia
  • President of International Marketing, Vietnam
  • SVP of Premium Mass Marketing, Australia
  • GM of Finance – International, Australia
  • SVP of Surveillance, Malaysia
  • GM of Mass Marketing, Saipan
  • Director of Surveillance, Korea
  • COO, Laos
  • Director of Poker, Australia
  • GM of Cage, Count and Credit, Australia
  • Table Games Operations Director, Macau
  • Head of Slots Marketing – North Asia, Macau
  • Director of International Marketing- Indonesia, Philippines
  • Director of Sales Operations, International Marketing, Hong Kong
  • Executive Director of CRM and Databse Analytics, Singapore
  • Executive Director of Casino Audit, Macau
  • VP of Operations, Jeju Island, South Korea
  • SVP of Table Games, The Philippines
  • CIO, The Philippines

Selection of recent Hotel & Hospitality assignments:

  • F & B Director, Australia
  • Director of Spa Operations, Macau
  • Hotel Sales & Marketing Director, Singapore
  • Director of Destination Marketing, Singapore
  • Facilities & Engineering Manager, Macau
  • Operations Director – Retail outlets, Macau

Selection of recent Entertainment assignments:

  • GM of Entertainment, Macau
  • Digital Marketing Director, Entertainment programs, Singapore
  • Event Director, Macau
  • Production Manager, Macau
  • Sales Director, Ticketing, Macau